Efotek Industrial Products and Services Inc. is a Dynamic Engineering and Manufacturing Company consisting of the third generation of young people who have been trading for three generations. From grandfather to granddaughter Kneaded in the trade for more than 60 years, Traditional Commercial is a continuation of a rooted infrastructure and reputation with ethical values.

Efotek A.Ş. Efosafety registered trademark “Temporary Construction Edge Protection Systems” produces and delivers its products to customers at home and abroad. TS EN 13374, which is Turkish and International Standard, conforms to all tests and analyzes required by the standard and ensures the same quality continuously and strengthens its share in the market by acquiring new customers with the references of its satisfied customers through the regular delivery principle.

Efotek Industrial Products and Services Inc. The second product segment that it specializes in is “Industrial Washing and Disinfection Systems” products.

These products,

  • Thermobox washing machines
  • Plastic Case Washing Machines
  • Tank, armored tracked vehicles and heavy tracked construction equipment Washing systems
  • Truck – Truck Bottom Washing Systems
  • Vehicle and Human Disinfection Systems
  • Modular Hygiene and Sanitation Lines
  • Production of all kinds of industrial washing machines and systems according to customer demands.

Our first priority in the Machinery and Equipments we produce is to provide lasting customer satisfaction by producing customer demands at the most affordable price.